Redmi Note 5 Pro

Asus Vivobook Max

A neat performer with decent processor and full HD display. Our pick for the best laptop under Rs.30,000.

boat stone 600

Portronics Sound Drum

If you’re in search of a Bluetooth speaker for your house party or for outdoor music listening, this product delivers the best experience. Our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2,000.

Sound Magic ES18

SoundMagic ES11S

The SoundMagic E11S offers the best possible balanced sound output when compared with other earphones priced under Rs.500.

Lists of only the best products you can buy, no junk.

Mobile Phones

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.12,000

If you are looking for a smartphone above Rs.10,000 and you can’t extend your budget to Rs.15,000, then the best option is to go for a smartphone under Rs.12,000. The sheer variety and competition in this segment are massive in India and almost every phone...

Best Mobile Phones in India

Agree with it or not - Smartphones have definitely become an integral part of our day to day life. From streaming our favourite shows on Netflix to paying our utility bills online, everything is going mobile first. In order to keep with this advancements, you need a...

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.15,000

We picked Xiaomi Mi A1 as the best smartphone under Rs.15,000. The stock Android experience and impeccable metal body design easily earns coupled with high end specifications.


Best Travel Laptops in India

Travel laptops is a must in these days where connectivity is of utmost importance. Smartphones are powerful but the ease of using a large screen display and a full sized keyboard isn’t something that can be replaced. Now back to the buying suggestions for the best...

Best Laptops for Video Editing

Content creation is an art that can communicate with the audience at a deeper level. Filming an interesting stuff is just as important as presenting the filmed stuff in an interesting manner to the viewers. Most of the content creators travel extensively to shoot...

Best Laptops for School Students

The vacation season is about to finish. All the kids will be waiting anxiously to see their friends at school. At the same time, the excitement of new books and bags will make them happy as well. As the school curriculum becomes more and more streamlined, students are...


Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Wireless Bluetooth speakers serve two main purpose - indoor listening as well as outdoor usage. With the speaker technology gaining rapid improvement in terms of the quality of sound output and a simultaneous decrease in prices, the market is facing a boom right now....

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.10,000

At a budget of Rs.10,000, you can buy some of the best Bluetooth speakers that sound incredibly great. And we know that’s what you just need, right?. From thousands of models out there we’ve handpicked the best Bluetooth speakers under Rs.10,000 to make your purchase...

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.5,000

Smartphones have become powerful, the number of features has skyrocketed, the form factor has evolved over time – but sound output from these devices has been in a stasis for most of the time. That’s where Portable Bluetooth Speakers come handy. In this list, we have...